What is e-learning?
The migration from old style teaching methods “Board and Chalk” to technology based education that allows educators to transfer lasting knowledge more effectively and engage learners on a platform known to them.  Educators across the world have identified that their audience (the technology generation) excel with the stimulation offered by such platforms and that effective teaching relies on such migration to technology known as e-Learning foundations.

What is interactive teaching?
Multimedia limitless content immediately available from the internet / saved content or documented content streamed via the educator’s PC or Laptop to a fully interactive white board / screen or panel that allows full real time manipulation through finger touch or the use of a stylus, educators and learners can interact simultaneously from in front of the classroom or from their PCs or Tablets, all lessons and brainstorming sessions can be saved and even recorded. Learners not present in the classroom can join from home or anywhere in the world or just catch up by watching the saved lesson afterwards. Educators and learners can write, play movie clips, draw pictures in, edit content, zoom or minimise, stop and focus on a certain subject, pause, play, rewind, swop between endless screens, move from one lesson to another, and create new lessons with any media, images or content as you like. The sky is the limit!

How easy is it to use interactive teaching technology?
We have helped over 4 000 schools in South Africa to migrate to interactive teaching. Educators young and old, even the most IT illiterate educators are using their Interactive solutions daily. We run ongoing educators’ training courses, on site with groups or individuals. To date, we are the only private company allowed to train final year student educators at Wits University. We have trained educators in all education sectors from public schools in rural areas in the Western Cape to private schools in the heart of Sandton and everywhere in between. We will do the same for you!

What is 3D education?
In a nutshell, a system we have mastered using a special graphics card built into a laptop or PC presented through a 3D projector that delivers specially created world leading 3D education content live in the classroom in front of your eyes. Educators and learners everywhere are absolutely enthralled once they experience the power of knowledge presented in such a practical visual fashion. Our content libraries are expanding daily and soon the entire curriculum will be available in complete 3D. The future of education and the norm presentation format will be 3D. In the words of an existing education client “there is just nothing that can compare to this”.

Is it easy to present lessons in 3D?
If you have ever switched on a PC, clicked with a mouse and presented something through a projector onto a screen, then you are qualified to work with a 3D education system!

What does technology such as this cost?
We offer both outright purchase and rental options. Based on a monthly instalment and we make sure that after the initial rental period ownership is passed to the school / university to carry on enriching young minds.

Who makes sure our e-learning technology keeps working?
We are the market leaders in e-Learning in South-Africa and our service level agreements offer comprehensive ongoing support, we have numerous technical and support teams that offer support nationally. Our training teams also offer complete and comprehensive ongoing training in 11 official languages.

How do I safeguard my e-learning technology against any form of loss?
We have officially designed and managed to get the world’s first stand alone electronic equipment insurance policy approved. The policy is much more affordable than standard comprehensive business or personal cover as high risk items such as motor vehicles are excluded. The policy also offers much more cover specifically for electronic related risks that no other policy covers, examples of this include:

  • Theft without forced entry or exit
  • Accidental damage or in other words user negligence
  • Data recovery costs
  • Software replacement
  • Complete lightning and surge protection
  • Liquid and fire damage or loss

and then all other aspects associated with standard cover are naturally included.